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Hello all — are you still out there?

I’m afraid I abandoned this page for about a year or more while writing some articles — a few — about New Mexico, nukes, and other topics for La Jicarita, an independent Northern New Mexico blog that has been growing and unfolding. You can read my work at

Now I’m in California. I’m writing some pieces about the recent conferences in Vienna on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, one put on by Austria, the other by the International Committee for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

Taking place in the midst of escalating tensions between the United States and Russia triggered by our maneuvers in Ukraine followed by Russia’s invasion of Crimea, these conferences are a beacon of hope that the world is finally emerging from the miasma of nuclear numbness and opening its eyes on the calamities we can expect if one of these bombs is ever used again. A nuclear exchange, we now realize, even a small one, will bring on global devastation, nuclear winter (not a refreshing change from global warming but, alas, submersion in planetary darkness for years, dead and rotting bodies, and the horrors endured by the poor survivors, skin dripping off their bodies, eyeballs popping out etc and no effective medical means to care for them. What a miserable scenario we have created for ourselves and failed to find a means to eradicate. The Vienna conferences, the third in a series, have stirred a will to abolish these weapons without waiting around for the nine nuclear-armed nations to palaver and obfuscate while continuing to stuff their bundles with more fat murderous missiles. What is to become of us if this effort goes unheeded is easily guessed. Speaking at the Vienna conference, Eric Schlosser author of the massive 2013 book, Command and Control, says there have been over a thousand nuclear accidents carelessly created and miraculously averted; but it will only take one to set the mechanics of retaliation in motion. We just can’t delay another minute.

And so I, who have been looking around for anything else to do but write about nuclear weapons, am at it again.


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January 6, 2015 at 5:23 pm

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