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What’s in the Smoke?

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What's in the SMOKE?

July 11, 2011

Some activists now are going to try to prove the smoke was deadly. This is a pointless task that will only waste everybody’s time, especially these activists’.

There is no question that there were residues of atomic wastes in all those trees, discharged over the years by the Facility, Los Alamos National Lab, and taken up by plants in water through their roots in the soil, and from the air. On the urging of Senator Tom Udall, the EPA set up 60 new air monitors to analyze the data. So far, even the raw data recorded has not been released to the public.

Certainly we got a fast blast of whatever those residues are — the noxious cousins of uranium: plutonium, strontium-90, cesium,  tritium, americium, neptunium, thorium, radium…and depleted uranium. They passed through, and we got a hit, probably a small hit but who really knows.

Such are the hazards of living in the shadow of a nuclear laboratory.

The much larger question is, How long can we continue to accumulate these poisons and leak them into the waters, air and earth of our world?

As I summarized in last week’s blog, these and many other toxic chemicals are being leached into our basic resources all over this country, and as a matter of fact we are spreading them all over the world. Airborne chemicals know no national boundaries.

So if there was ever any doubt that we are all connected, let that doubt be forever effaced by the passage of our garbage from one end of the earth to the other, much of it dispersed by the United States of America.

I just read that all the junk tossed into the sea by the tsunami in Japan is headed our way and is going to show up on the beautiful beaches of our West Coast. Retribution, perhaps, of what we left in Japan almost 70 years ago.

We’re all responsible for what we are doing to the earth, and we are all doing it, even if some do it more than others. It’s not a matter of laying the blame at anyone’s door. We’re just a bunch of humans with limited intelligence.

Blaming people goes nowhere anyhow. But the facts are the facts. As the greatest, most powerful nation in the world (for now, anyway) the US is doing the lion’s share of the damage, sad to say. Instead of using its power to protect the people and work with other countries to solve critical problems, this allegedly great country is spending its borrowed dollars building military bases all over the world — some thousand to date — so that one day it can run the world by force.

It’s hard not to blame corporations for the dastardly work they have done utilizing resources that do not belong to us and leaving their poisons behind, and governments for complying with them. But we are the people who consume the products they make in this fashion.

Someone has to start taking responsibility for all this, and why not the nuclear labs? LANL is run bya group of corporations headed up by Bechtel, which has a bad record for its slovenly work all over the globe. Our taxes subsidize their enormous profits made from nuclear work. We pay the bill, and we pay the price. It’s our water, our water, our EARTH. It’s the only planet we have.  Is there a better place over the rainbow? Would someone please show it to me?

This is the best planet a person could ever hope to call home! Alice Walker composed such a beautiful song to “We Have a Beautiful Mother” a few years ago. It was recited at a glorious ritual concert created in Oakland by Jennifer Berezan called “Praises for the World.” What a celebration that was. In painful synchronicity with the curse of the times, it debuted the day the US attacked Iraq, the first day of spring, 2003.

The earth is incomparable.Why go chasing Venusian dreams when we have been gifted with such a lavish, abundant environment in which to carry out our little lives? What good will it do to fly away to Venus or Mars, taking bad habits — and relentless wars — out to space? Must we destroy it first? Those pine forests are gone. We will not see the likes of them again for a hundred years. Maybe never, if the drought-stricken desert devours everything that’s left on the dry mesas. Maybe it will all turn to dry clay. No danger of fire then. But dreadfully subject to erosion if rain ever comes…

Yes, there were toxins in the forest, no question. Now they are gone, traveling eastward, raining their invisible particles down on the parched earth. Perhaps by stripping the entire area of vegetation, the Lab will protect its horrid storehouses from fire. That will be great for Bechtel. Those people don’t even have to go to work there every day, much less live in its neighborhood. What’s it to them?

No catastrophe seems to persuade the Managers that we’ve reached the limit of our stupidity. Fukushima didn’t wake anyone up. That was Japan. Well it’s happening here. We are like a bunch of frogs in a kettle unaware that the water is heating. When the temperature boils, we’ll have long gone to our eternal sleep.

Better not to trust our luck. We are not frogs. We have choice. We can choose to become conscious. We can adopt an attitude of worship. We can choose gratitude over arrogance and lust. We can seek guidance for the legacy of crimes that litter our history. We can figure out how to get out of this mess!

Why not start now?


Written by stephaniehiller

July 11, 2011 at 5:29 pm

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  1. No fun to face these facts Stephanie. Thank you for helping us remain conscious and push for reluctant awareness which is the only thing that will bring change.

    Susan L Schneider

    July 11, 2011 at 6:14 pm

  2. Another excellent blog Stephanie. I hope it reaches lots of people. Thank you.

    Dominique Mazeaud

    July 12, 2011 at 1:52 pm

  3. I really like the way you’ve looked at us here Stephanie. At least the calls for sanity are getting better and stronger towards Heartfelt Intelligence as the way through. That is progress. Thanks so much.

    Eddie V. Gould

    July 12, 2011 at 6:03 pm

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